Fiscal Responsibility

Wonks Anonymous has just learned that the McCain team has a bold new plan to cut government spending. Confidential sources tell him that McCain plans to leave almost all Bush political appointments in place. "Not only will this save millions on relocation payments and move in costs, it will provide McCain with a policy team that is ready to go on day one. Our lawyers are checking to see if we can also avoid costly congressional confirmation hearings."

"When you think about it," said the source, "McCain's policies on taxes, health care, social security and foreign relations were all originally developed by these folks. Doesn't it make sense to let them stick around to finish the job that they started in 2000?"

Wonks Anonymous pressed his source about the whole change thing and the source responded: "Actually a lot of these policies:  elimination of employer provided group health insurance, appropriation of the Social Security Trust fund and a percentage of payroll taxes for general government finance and increasingly escalating confrontations with Russia, have been stalled by the do nothing democrat congress. A McCain administration plans to fully implement them. If we get in again you can bet that you will see real change."

The source confessed that there would be some problems accommodating McCain stalwarts. "Condi Rice is simply too ivory tower to fit in in this administration, Randy Scheunemann has had long experience advocating for foreign government and is a natural for Secretary of State. We also expect to recruit several members of Sarah Palin's high school class for State since they all grew up close to Russian and have lots of pipeline experience."

The source went on to assure Wonks Anonymous that the other members of Governor Palin's alumni association could be accommodated by attrition and discrete outplacement of Bush officials to lobbying firms where their experience would still be available.


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