If We Are Lucky

And Obama wins the election. Sarah Palin will not linger long in Alaska politics. She will embark on a career in nationally syndicated talk radio.

After four years of executive experience there she will run for President.

Wonks Anonymous does not know who will stop running for President first, Sarah Palin or Ralph Nader.

Remember that you read it here first.


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  • 10/21/2008 9:05 PM Cat wrote:
    In the end, after the nuclear winter has broken the rest of us down, they will still be there, campaigning for all eternity. And at that point, neither will be able to win a majority because they'll be the only ones voting. Unless, of course, one of them forgets to vote... Oh, then the power will be theirs! Someday. But hopefully not anytime soon.
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  • 10/21/2008 9:13 PM Cat wrote:
    And that was my third post today. Happy now?
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  • 11/11/2008 10:35 PM I Query wrote:
    Hmm, do you think that given the radio's lack of visuals to satisfy her Joe Sixpack-type fans and her syntax- and sense-challenged diction she will be able to hold an audience?

    She can still make appearances on Fox News. As for syntax and sense that doesn't matter is she sounds confident and good,  John MacWhorter has something to say about this in The Power of Babel.

    Wonks Anonymous

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  • 11/12/2008 6:50 AM Carol wrote:
    I just think even if McCain would have picked a monkey he would not have won.
    I think that enjoy picking on her because she is a woman but to me she should stay in Alaska and that is a fact. Somehow she really makes my face turn red. You can see that she is reading from a script. Maybe she comes over badly but on the other hand she might be smart as a whip I just don't know but she did not help McCain at all but as I said before even if McCain he would have lost because of Bush and that is a fact.
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  • 11/13/2008 7:38 AM Dave wrote:
    Never heard of this site, and from what I read here, I won't be back. What a collection of illiterate Neanderthals!

    I can't justify wasting my time putting any of you out of your misery (verbally speaking).

    I always knew there was a big bunch of ignorance around, but never did I think it was so highly concentrated in such a small place. Maybe some of you will get smarter after this recession (caused mostly by your liberal programs) and you see Pres. Elect Obama make some hard "right" turns to save this country. Either that will happen or you will see the Republicans appear as the liberal party and a new, truly conservative party will emerge.

    Appears that there is plenty of ignorance to go around in this world.

    Y'all come on back. Be sure to leave comments. I will post them. Think of it as affirmative action for the reality challenged.

    -Wonks Anonymous

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  • 11/13/2008 10:19 AM Karen wrote:
    I think everyone should try to encourage Palin to keep running and be part of the Republican party. She will keep the party split between the right wing nutcases and the fiscal conservatives, and they will never get enough votes to run anything anymore. YAH SARAH. GO FOR PRESIDENT. You have so many skills and knowledge and are even to stupid to know that you're an idiot.
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  • 11/16/2008 5:51 AM Joe wrote:
    Just make sure they feel like shes scary, so they undo themselves by shooting their own foot again in 2012..
    Palin 2012: energize the base and drive away the centrists
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