The Shape Of Things To Come?

Back in May Wonks Anonymous begin to report on California's failure to pass a budget. Over six months have passed, things have gone from bad to worse and we still do not have a budget. The Republican party has slightly more than one third of the legislature and - thanks to our "progressive" constitution - it takes two thirds to pass a budget.

The California Democratic party, which has always been willing to compromise whenever anyone says "boo", has been busy preparing constructive proposals with severe cuts and some increases in tax revenue. The Republicans did not even have a proposal prepared for the last negotiating session. They promise to have something by Monday:
The plan will include some of the previous proposals to change labor laws, along with changing business and environmental regulations, he said, adding that Republicans will not change their stance on taxes.
Which is to say no new taxes. And, by the way we have these other issues that we can't pass so we would like to blackmail you just a little. We might get extra revenue by selling state parks or:
In the past, Republicans have floated revenue ideas, such as removing the ban on offshore drilling to increase royalties the state receives from oil production. Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, said the state can generate billions of dollars by borrowing against future royalties to help bridge the budget gap.
Nothing like counting your chickens before they have hatched.

Does Wonks Anonymous detect a pattern here? Already this week we have seen a minority of Republicans in the US Senate block interim aid to the auto industry despite the fact that it was supported by the president. Can we expect the free market fundies in the Republican party to filibuster the stimulus package unless we abolish the corporate income tax?

Could you folks take just a minute to come to terms with reality? Two candidates ran for president. One supported tax cuts for the rich and trickle down economics. The other promised to repeal the Bush tax cuts for upper income Americans and take an active government role in the economy. Do you remember who won?


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