Understanding Republicans

To understand the Republican party we cannot apply the categories of ordinary bourgeoisie politics. The Republican Party is a Leninist Party, like the Bolsheviks and other communist parties before the demise of the Soviet Union. As a Leninist party the Republican party knows and acts on certain things:

The truth will set you free. Regardless of your own petty opinions and preferences history/god has a plan for your salvation and the perfection of mankind. For the Bolsheviks the plan was a communist society. For the Republicans it is a free market economy with strong guidance of morality by the government.

The party knows the truth. It has the texts and the skill need to interpret the texts in light of current circumstances. The Bolsheviks had Marx. The Republicans have the Old Testament and Ayn Rand. The interpretations of the key texts adopted by the leaders of the party are the final say on any question.

At points where the actual leadership of the party is in doubt speculation on membership of the inner circle becomes most interesting. Bukharin or Trotsky? Palin or Limbaugh or Buchanan?

Because the party knows the truth you do not need to. For its ordinary followers and the uncommitted the party promulgates a party line that is designed to attract support and defeat enemies.

For example: The party may have the long term goal of dismantling Medicare - which goal may have been repeatedly stated by the party intelligentsia and even brought forward as a policy proposal from time to time. If, however, it is politic to appear to defend Medicare - say in order to stir up opposition among seniors to health care reform - the party line will change and the party will become a staunch defender of every aspect of Medicare. Rank and file and fellow travelers alike will then be expected to defend this position.

When the party line changes all party members will come into line. Thus the numerous Republican sponsors of Medicare financing for end of life options counseling will immediately vanish when opposition to death panels becomes the party line.

Compromise is tactical. Any compromise with opponents takes the party away from the truth. A permanent compromise is a betrayal of the truth. Thus the alliance with the peasants in early Soviet history was eventually superseded by collectivization when the Bolsheviks gained enough power.

Which might serve as a warning to Senator Baucus with his panel of six Republicans and six Democrats working away at compromise. No matter what they say now, no Republican will ever allow a health policy reform to pass until they have taken back control of the government.

That would make Obama look good and that would stand in the way of the final victory of the truth.


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