Why The Blog Has Been Sparse

Wonks Anonymous has prepared a guide to Health Economics for those who do not want to hop through the blog. At 24 pages it is not a difficult summary:


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  • 10/22/2009 9:41 AM Dave wrote:
    I can't bother myself to read all this crap. I don't know what form healthcare and health insurance takes out there in hippyland, but here in the East it works very well.

    It works so well, in fact, that I believe it has saved my wife's life and given her several years more life than she otherwise might have had. By that I mean, if my company bails and we get the government option, I believe my wife would not have gotten the surgery she needed to get her life back. In fact, I don't believe the surgery would eveb be available to anyone other than a Ted Kennedy.

    You're really flappin' your trap, but I may take a look to see how badly misinformed you are...right after I clean the 12 ga. and the .30-'06.
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    1. 10/22/2009 3:01 PM big mike wrote:
      Dave's comment is right out of the far right; makes no valid point followed by threats. Should you ever pry yourself out from in front of the right wing controlled media (yes the rich are mostly right wing, and they control the media; evidence increasing popularity of nutcase commentators) you would understand the proposed policy would not have changed your wife's situation unless she was underinsured.
      Just try the truth for a minute; none of the right wing republican resitance to Obama's plan has anything to do with healthcare or anyone's health. All they are trying to do is hand Obama a political defeat; they don't care about you, your wife, or anyone else except for themselves and their fatally flawed party line.
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